About us

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Welcome to Bamlife!

We are 2 families who love the sun, color, homewares and most of all we love what we do.

We are so lucky to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world Torquay and we draw our inspiration from the beach our surrounds and love of homewares.

In recent years we have become very conscious of our environment and the great dangers that face our future generations. Our children have played a huge part in this awareness as they are constantly asking the BIG questions that we take for granted, such as: "why is there rubbish in the water?" and "why don't we grow our own vegies" etc.

It truly is amazing how children see the world - so naïve, yet so insightful. So our families have made a conscious effort to become more sustainable and purchase eco-friendly products.

AND that's where BAMLIFE started! Fashion accessories, homewares and beach essentials that won't harm our planet.

All products are sourced from ethical factories and are eco-friendly.

So go on...take a look and put some BAM into your life!

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Hadey & Nicole xxx

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